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Smart diagrams that connect to your code & dev tools

Flower Platform Presentation

Click to enjoy the Flower Platform presentation video:
"Flower Platform. Get Started on another you!"

Flower Platform is an open source (GPL v3) diagramming software.

  • It integrates with your favorite dev tools. You can drag on diagrams: source code (OOP or not!), articles from wiki or bugs from issue tracker.
  • You can draw links to interconnect the data, and Flower Platform platform will update and synchronize the content toward/from your tools.
  • You can share and collaborate in real-time on diagrams and code.
  • Flower Platform works fast from web, tablet and mobile. And super-fast from IDE.
* Many concepts from the video are already implemented in Flower Platform v1. And we are working hard to have the rest of them in the brand new v2!